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SEO why it all Matters! 5 Tips to increase your SEO, By Its Called Solutions January 22, 2016 SEO No Comments Since a freshman in college, I have been developing and learning SEO TACTICS and strategies, 10 years later I can compete with any company’s organic searches. Things that matter the most in 2016. STAYING […]

Google Adwords Killer? Mozilla launches Focus, a new ad-blocker for iOS December 8, 2015 Advanced SEO Techniques, Business advice No Comments Mozilla launches Focus, a new ad-blocker for iOS If you ever saw an “AD” that has followed you around from website to website, their is a solution to this problem, but then again will […]

2 Unique Websites for Different Gift Ideas for Any Tech or Business man. November 24, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments Everyone whats to try and fit in with the crowd? Or do we? If you are looking for unique gift this year for anyone in your family, especially if they are a TECH GURU or CUTTING-EDGE […]

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12 Reasons Why Harbor Touch, Changing your POS Systems or Adding one to your business ? October 13, 2015 Brand development, Business advice, Online marketing No Comments   So we have many experiences in Pos systems solutions, a have also researched over a dozen other solutions. Each systems has its pros and cons, some are […]

New Futuristic Sky walker boards, featuring the EXORIDER, Whats the difference? October 12, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments We know the new FAD on the Skywalker or boards you stand on and move their are numerous names for these futuristic boards, its like your riding on air. We would prefer a hoover board like back to […]

What to do when your WordPress Website Gets Hacked or Malware October 9, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments We have much experience with getting and removing hacked files from a WordPress site, some of it is so UGLY its disgusting, Like maggots on a dead body we know its Halloween lets keep it in season.   So we have […]

Best Form Solutions for WordPress, Ninja Forms or Gravity ? October 7, 2015 Wordpress Plugins No Comments We seek out the best plugins for WordPress  to simply the project and simplify the customer experience.   We have used both Gravity forms and Ninja forms, there is so many differences it’s just a matter of when to use […]