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Stomel Services is a family owned and operated business incorporated in 1960. For over 55 years, our number one goal has been customer satisfaction.  Whether you’re one of our large multi-location corporate accounts, a government agency, an educational facility, or a small office, we have a plan that will fit your needs. 


To create a new brand / logo through modern elements, along with a completely new website that included online ordering for customers.


Developed a new website that feature a very clean professional look and feel, while keep it responsive and mobile ready.  We made a simple easy to use ordering system, that is very easy to manage for the client, each customer has its own login and can recreate any order. 


Customers are happier due to the easy of use in the online ordering, more people are finding the company for NEW LEADS, and in house administration is smoother.

25% Increase

50% ROI

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